Home Content Insurance

Better Cover, Better Benefits, Best insurance For Your Household Contents.

We as your personal broker will always negotiate the best rates, benefits and cover for your family’s home contents.
This insurance type covers all your personal belongings and everything that you can take with you from one home to another.

Household Content Types

Jewellery must be kept inside safe if not worn. Jewelry that’s worn daily must be specified. Please contact your broker for more info.

Electronics must be specified to enjoy cover outside of your home. 

Household Content insurance Cover Options

Please contact your broker for a personalised, unique quote.

Rest assured that when we offer better cover at better rates , we will not leave out any benefits you are currently covered for. This means that you can cross compare our quotes with other quotes, our benefits with other benefits. 

Fully Comprehensive

Fully Comprehensive cover typically covers the following:

Limited Cover

Limited cover typically covers the following:

Optional Add-on Cover

This cover only applies to white goods, meaning fridge, freezer, washing machines, tumble dryers, tv’s etc. Excludes, laptops, tablets and phones as these items need to be specified, please contact your broker for more info.

What can influence your Household Contents claim?

We try to give our clients the best advice to keep their buildings covered.
Here are a few important factors that could influence your insurance claim.

Go through your household contents, draw up an inventory and do an evaluation, new for old (replacement value) send these amounts to your broker, please contact your broker for additional info & advice to ensure that you are not underinsured. 

Example of terms & conditions: If you are required to have burglar bars in front of your windows and security gates. Please note: Each insurance company has their own terms & conditions, your broker will pair your with a insurance company that will cater to your specific needs, but please contact your broker for more information.